Tuesday, March 7, 2017

February/March Break

February vacation is the best!  Our school district always takes the week after Presidents week off, as well as the Monday and Tuesday after that week (because of Town Meeting day).  So, it's a nice long vacation.  We have sort of alternated between staying here in Vermont for a "staycation" and traveling.  This year, we went back to Mont Tremblant in Quebec, Canada for five days and stayed home for the rest of the vacation.

We managed to recruit three other families to join us this year.  We were 15 and we had such a great time.  We stayed right in the pedestrian village, making sure to have a kitchen, hot tub, and free breakfast every morning. 

the view of our place from the gondola (that's John, Rich and Jenny below)
view from the gondola of the back of our hotel
 Free night tubing and ice skating was also included:

We managed to find a lot more snow, warm temperatures and corn snow conditions.

Skiing as a unit
Giving TouFou a hug
We loved the apres ski scene:

Eating Crepes

 Sugar on snow:

On the way home, we stopped by the Biodome in Montreal.  The kids got to explore the rainforest, taiga, and tundra.  Highlights were seeing the sloth, otters, and penguins.

We made it home on Friday and spent the rest of the week skiing, skating, jumping with friends, and relaxing.

Jumping with Auntie Cara at "Get Air"

Bluebird day at Smuggs

It's never easy to get back into the groove of school/work, but we had a great vacation!  Adventures with this family are getting more and more fun!

Sunday, February 19, 2017

Snow, Snow, Hello Sn

Cally had a favorite book when she was really little.  It started out with a refrain, "Snow, snow, hello snow.  Glad to see you, don't you know".  She always wanted us to read it.  We read it over and over and over again.  We were so sick of it, but loved it just the same.  It disappeared. It was bittersweet.  In any case, we've been waiting for an amazing snow cycle for years and this February, we finally got it.  

It was so fun to have gobs and gobs of snow for a few weeks.

skiing Bolton to Trapps with my wombats

Bolton to Trapps

So fun to see these guys riding the chair together

My ski buddy!

Screaming barfies-- defrosting toes
The best part about all this snow was the backcountry skiing.  John and I managed to get out numerous times together and on our own.  Being in the woods, earning our turns is what we both love.  Not only do we get guaranteed fresh tracks, but we get to be in the woods, away from the bustle of our everyday life.  It is elixer for my soul. 

We even managed to make it to Burke Mountain.  I hadn't been since I was a teenager, but my dear friend Greer lured us there (by being there to visit her sister) and we loved it.

Skiing with my oldest ski buddy of all-- Greer
Instant friends

 Skiing makes me so happy.  Skiing with my family makes me even happier.  Seeing my kids really enjoy the experience of skiing is what makes living in Vermont and doing what we are doing all worthwhile to me.  Whether we are nordic skiing, backcountry skiing, or doing lift service, it is hard to be unhappy when you are in the mountains with great people.  These two weeks in February exceeded my expectations.  I feel so, so lucky!

Saturday, December 31, 2016


This year we hunkered down and enjoyed being in Vermont for Christmas.  It was such a treat to be home.  Bumpa and Grandpa came up to celebrate with us and we had a lot of wonderful "down time".

Ugly Christmas Sweater Decorating Contest-- Cally won ugliest & Hazen won prettiest
Reading "Twas the Night Before Christmas" with Grandma

Bumpa and John trying to put together the marble elevator after Grandma and I gave up
A sunny walk in Mills Riverside Park with Scott and Cynthia
Skating up at Stowe
Otter Slide!
Festive Cement Mixer in Burlington
After a few days without visitors, Nana and Grandpa came up for New Years weekend:

Hazey giving his homemade jam to Grandpa
Cal and Nana

It was so great to spend time with both sets of grandparents over the break.  They spoil the children with so much love and affection.  Cally and Hazen absolutely adore spending time with Nana, Grandpa, Bumpa, and Grandma.  We love having them around.  
Taking advantage of grandparents in the house for an early morning tour